Why Choose Miller Roofing

There are many important things to consider when choosing a company to install your new roof. Below are a few.

Are they willing to provide references?

A company/contractor with a reputation of doing good work will be more than happy to provide you with references.

Do they carry the proper licenses/insurance for their company and employees?

Many contractors are willing to bypass the expense of liability insurance and workers compensation insurance, which becomes a liability to the homeowner in the case of damage or injury.

Are they using quality products?

Many times the cheapest bid isn't the best bid. Due to the quantity of products available, taking the time to review the quality of the products used on the bid can be a benefit to you!

Do they do high wind installation and service their work?

Living in a high wind area, it's important that roofing products be installed to last. Some products even offer enhanced wind warranties if installed to high wind specification. Companies that service their work will ensure it there are any issues, they will take care of the problem.

Do they work neatly and efficiently?

Some companies/contractors don't take into consideration convenience for their customers. Simple things like daily clean up and working efficiently can ensure the process doesn't disrupt your daily life unnecessarily.

Miller Roofing and Contracting, Inc. is licensed and insured. We carry workers compensation on our employees and use products that we believe in. We install all roofs using high wind installation specifications, service our work, and clean up our job sights daily. You can count on us to do quality work in an efficient manner to make getting a new roof as convenient for you as possible!